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For those of us who haven’t made the effort to go out and get a decent pair of protective shooting glasses, and those who are tired of sporting the “Ryobi grinder goggles” on the range, there is hope…

According to the latest range safety trends and rules, wearing protective lenses whilst on the shooting range seems to be getting ever more popular. The thought behind these regulations seem to be in place for obvious reasons, and who is to argue? Rules are rules, plus the idea of losing one’s vision where such an incident could have been avoided is unthinkable. Have a look at the links below to drive home the idea that wearing protective eyewear on the range is ‘New School’:

Not everyone enjoys wearing eyewear on the range, and this can be clearly understood. If you wear prescription glasses do you just pretend these can take the hit, or do you have to double-up? How accurately are you going to zero your rifle if you have stuff in the way between your eye and the lens of the rifle scope? No one looking through the scratches of their free, work-issued PPE glasses would plan on wearing them in the veld. So “practice makes perfect” is pretty much out the window.

What is needed is a change in mindset, to convert learned skills on the range into practical application. Enter Rudy Project…

The creators of some of the world’s finest eyewear have a range suited to the needs of every hunter/shooter. “Rudy Project offers technically advanced specialty lenses with high visual performance that perfectly fits with the needs of shooters and hunters.”  So from the perfectionist who cannot stand the irritation caused by bulky obstructions to the prescription-bound hunter, take a look at what Rudy Project has for you…

Their range includes the following:








Rudy Project offers a series of specific shooting sunglasses and prescription shooting glasses.

The shooting glasses and on-the-fly shooting glasses offer:

  • Perfect fit on the face thanks to the Total Comfort System with adjustable terminals and nosepiece.
  • Clear vision thanks to the decentred optics system of the lenses, which have different thicknesses in order to avoid any deformation.
  • Optimum vision in any environment thanks to the interchangeable lens system, Quick Change™.
  • Super lightweight, thanks to the use of innovative materials such as Kynetium™, Grilamid®, carbon and titanium, and the open frame design
  • Protection from wind, dust and shocks due to the ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life.

*Rudy Project provides customized optical solutions for those who have sight defects and has developed specific prescription shooting glasses.

It seems like those in the know are already heading towards Rudy Project for advanced eyewear. Check out the link below for more info or to get in contact with them:

Check back soon for part 2 where we test and analyse some of these products first hand.

What are your thoughts on shooting range safety gear and other similar products? Feel free to drop your comments below.



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