Rudy Project part 2 – Eyes on Target

Off to the shooting range. Finally, we get the opportunity to look more closely at what Rudy Project offers the hunter. After all, technical specs and lingo can only do so much in presenting a product to the outside world, so physically testing to familiarise yourself with that product works best. Have a look at part 1 “Rudy Project – Take a better look” where we introduce the range of Rudy Project shooting glasses just in case you missed it.

Rudy Project has 3 shooting glasses in their range, namely: AIRBLAST; RYDON and TRALYX. We tested 2 of these… AIRBLAST and TRALYX.

The purpose of this post is not to give these glasses all their days or to push them to breaking point, but rather to emulate intended usage on the shooting range and outdoor circumstances.

Our testing criteria include the following aspects: comfort; lens clarity; distortion; lens to riflescope issues; long term comfort and other factors such as whether they can be worn with hearing protection etc.

First up to the bench is TRALYX.

Straight out of the box you get a good impression regarding the high quality of fabrication. The frame has a bit of weight to it but nothing too dramatic. The whole frame is very flexible, along with adjustable nose piece and flexible temple tips provide for a very comfortable and personalised fit. The half frame and large lens ensure all round visibility. Very little time is needed to get used to the feel of the glasses on your face and apart from a very slight wobble when you move your head rapidly they go pretty much unnoticed.

Here is the breakdown:

Comfort – 8/10 Light-feeling on the face and decent grip without too much pressure applied to temples and nose.

Visual Clarity – 10/10 Amazing visual effect. Sharp, crisp and clear. Increased visibility provided by reducing glare.

Distortion – Zero distortion within full field of view. Lens shapes around the face well. No image warp or refraction noticed at all.

Lens to Scope Issues? – No problems moving in behind the scope and finding the crosshairs. No more parallax issues than you would usually experience with the naked eye. Reticle focus and target focus are also perfect, as if viewed with the naked eye.

Long term wear noticeability? – Throughout the day the glasses stayed comfortable without any severe skin indenting or pressuring. The flexibility of the frame and temple tips added to the long-term comfort. Slight movement on the bridge of the nose as with regular sunglasses but not to the point of being annoying (this should not affect rifle hunters as much as pistol shooters or sport shooters).

Fit with hearing protection – The flexible temple tips make for a comfortable fit under ear muffs. The fact that they are flared outward slightly means they catch the ear muffs causing a bit of movement. The temples are rather thick so any movement of the ear muffs is transferred through the frame onto your nose and brow. Non-electronic ear muffs require constant lifting/removal to hear people talking etc. and this causes the glasses to move each time. If you have electronic ear muffs or prefer ear plugs then this won’t really be an issue.

Additional comments – The top bar is positioned similarly to regular sunglasses so the top of the frame comes into view when your head is pointed downward and you are looking up past your brow. This is not a real problem but might take some getting used to.

Apart from the fit of the frame (which largely comes down to personal facial features) we found that these glasses are truly amazing.

Next, we tested AIRBLAST.

As with TRALYX the build quality is clear upon unboxing. A much sleeker, slimmer frame is apparent and with good reason, these glasses have been specially created to fit under ear muffs. The frame is also flexible along with adjustable nose piece, temples and temple tips. The neat carry case is also rather impressive as AIRBLAST comes grouped with 2 extra lenses. These glasses fit snugly due to adjustable temple and nose piece. Reduced gap around the nose area and wider lens wrap around the sides ensure almost no peeking past the lens.

Here is the breakdown:

Comfort – 9/10 Super light-feeling on the face and incredible grip. Evenly applied pressure to temples and nose.

Clarity – 10/10 Same lens quality as TRALYX thus amazing clarity is no surprise. Reduced glare increases visibility and sharpens detail, better than the naked eye.

Distortion – No distortion whatsoever. Increased lens size around the sides and nose area improve view uniformity. It is almost as if you are not wearing glasses at all.

Lens to Scope Issues? – Similar experience as with TRALYX. Usually when looking through the rifle scope your head is pointed downward and you are looking up past your brow. The only difference here is that, AIRBLAST has more lens above the brow area which means the frame is totally invisible. No issues with parallax or reticle focus to speak of.

Long term wear noticeability? – From the minute the glasses are put on they go unnoticed. Wearing the glasses for long periods of time makes no difference. They blend in and get the job done.

Fit with hearing protection – During this aspect of the test these glasses really showed their true colours. When putting on the ear muffs the AIRBLAST didn’t move. Any disturbance of the ear muffs was only minimally transferred through the glasses. The sleek temples and temple tips don’t dig into your skull as would be expected after prolonged periods under added pressure of the hearing protection.

Additional comments – Due to the more secure fit of AIRBLAST the occasional nudge from the rifle cheek piece or ear muffs don’t have such a major effect on the positioning of the glasses. The 2 extra lenses offer added versatility for different lighting conditions and individual preference. Super light, comfortable and strong AIRBLAST ticks all the boxes you might have for the perfect shooting glasses.

Having discussed aspects such as comfort and image clarity it is probably good to mention the actual structural properties of these glasses too. The purpose of running down to the store and snapping up a new set of protection glasses makes more sense when the eyewear offers actual protection. When it comes to their shooting glasses the safety standards put forth by Rudy Project are impressive. The glasses feature ImpactX™ technology lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life. The distributors of Rudy Project have set up a testing unit to illustrate the effectiveness of ImpactX™ technology. At point-blank range a 4.5mm pellet is fired from an air rifle. The projectile impacts at roughly 500 feet/second. In a second test a series of sharp weights are dropped onto the lens from a height of 1m. The weights that are used weigh 250g; 450g; 650g and 850g respectively. Between both tests they have had zero ImpactX™ failures to-date.

Pellet Gun Torture Test – “Random Sunglasses”

Pellet Gun and 850g Drop Weight Torture Test – “Rudy Project ImpactX™

Considering the many different face-types around the world Rudy Project has done an amazing job at creating a near-perfect fit by using variations and adjustability. Their numerous products, as well as adjustability within those products provide with certainty the ideal glasses for you. For hunters who wear prescription glasses Rudy Project has developed specific prescription shooting glasses, so contact them for customised optical solutions.

Give us your thoughts and opinions by posting your comments below. Let us know if you have used Rudy Project shooting glasses or any similar products worthy of mentioning…



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