Trophy Measurements

Here you can get info regarding trophy sizes, measurement techniques and records from the leading record books

Plains Game Trophy Minimums – SCI and Rowland Ward 

*Measurements in inches 

Blesbok403516  1/2
Buffalo - Cape or Southern1019042
Bushbuck - Cape or South African312815
Bushbuck - Limpopo3329n/a
Bushpig1295  1/2
Duiker - Blue4 1/43  9/161  3/4
Duiker - Common1194  1/2
Duiker - Red87  3/82  1/2
Eland - Cape or Common776935
Hartebeest - Cape or Red625323
Impala - Southern524623  5/8
Klipspringer1094  1/8
Kudu12110853  7/8
Lechwe - Red585226
Oribi1311  1/25
Reedbuck - Common211813
Roan - Southern675927
Sable968641  7/8
Sitatunga - Zambezi605627
Sitatunga - Forest504525
Steenbok87  3/164  1/2
Suni - East African65  3/82  1/8
Wildebeest - Black726322  7/8
Wildebeest - Blue705428  1/2


List of Official Rowland Ward measurers click here.

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  • Rowland Ward General Measuring Instructions
  • Rowland Ward Guiding Principles
  • Application to become an Official Rowland Ward measurers

For Specific Rowland Ward Measuring Instructions by Method, see below:

Specific Measuring Instructions (Africa), click here* (PDF format)

Method 7 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)
For species with unbranched and uncurled horns and antlers.

Method 8 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)
For spiral-horned antelope, Addax, and Blackbuck.

Method 12 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)
For African Buffalo and Brindled Gnu or Wildebeest.

Method 13 (Download the entry form here* in PDF format)
For Black Wildebeest (White-tailed Gnu).

Click here for the full list of Rowland Ward MIN/MAX RECORDS

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Here is a link to SCI’s Online Record Book

SCI Record Book minimums

Methods for Measuring Horns:

Method 1 For most animals with simple horns

Method 2 For spiral-horned animals

Method 3 For most wild cattle

Method 4 For African buffalo

Method 5  For common wildebeest and takin

Method 6 For black wildebeest

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