How-To “Create Your Own Ad-Campaign”

Here we show you how to upload your own Ads and purchase Ad-Space

Before you get started please take note of the following: 

  1. Available areas of the site to advertise
  2. Available sizes (Downloadable templates)
  3. Campaign creator procedure

01_Available Areas

Just Plain Hunting offers 3 different areas of banner ads. These include Sidebars, Main Content Area as well as Logos.

Along with the areas (as can be seen in the image) there are different Zones throughout the website which display these areas. Prices of ads are calculated on pixel-area-size along with zone popularity.

Here are the Zones and their available areas:

  • Homepage
    • Sidebars
    • Main Content Area
    • Logos
  • Neckshot Pages
    • Sidebars
    • Main Content Area
  • Blog Pages
    • Sidebars
    • Main Content Area
  • General Pages
    • Sidebars
    • Main Content Area
  • Spot Listings
    • Sidebars
    • Main Content Area (Please note these sizes differ from the rest of the site)
How-to create your own ad-campaign - areas

02_Available Sizes

The Ad-Campaign Creator will present the opportunity to upload your designed banner ad or logo. It is important to make sure the size you upload is correct otherwise the advert will not display correctly. Download a template to ensure your design software artboard is correctly sized.

Here are the standard sizes:

Take Note: Do NOT use the terms “advert” or “ad” anywhere in your image file name!

03_Campaign Creator Procedure

Step 1

Complete the Advert Order form by clicking here.

Step 2

Complete checkout and payment procedure.

Step 3

User dashboard

Start your Ad-Campaign Now!

Advert Order Form

Click the icon to launch the builder & get started on your first ad-campaign!

Advert User Dashboard

To access your advert stats and user dashboard click the bar-chart icon...