How-To “Advertise on Just Plain Hunting”

Just Plain has various options for you to boost your business through our website…

Adspot Type 1 – Sidebar and Content Area Banners

Designated areas of our website are available to place banner ads as can be seen in the image below.

how to advertise on just plain hunting - banner ads

Banner-Ads are available in the main content area of most pages, as can be seen at “MC1”. There are Sidebar Banner-Ads also, as can be seen at “SB1” and “SB2”. 

The widths of the banners are fixed, but placement and height are variable and dependent on pricing. Banner-Ads can click through to your Just Plain Hunting Listing page or directly to your website. Please complete the contact form below if you would like more info on sizes and pricing tables.

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Adspot Type 2 – “Our Sponsors” Links

Add your company logo to “Our Sponsors” slider

how to advertise on just plain hunting - sponsors

“Our Sponsors” can be found on the Homepage as well as other main content pages. Add your company logo to this list to enjoy maximum brand exposure on the most active areas of the website.

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Adspot Type 3 – Company Promotions

Dedicate a full page on Just Plain Hunting to your current sale or promotion

how to advertise on just plain hunting - promotions

This page of our website falls under “Neckshot” section and allows you to announce all your Sales / Promotions / Specials in order to draw more customers towards your business.

From the “Neckshot” page, the viewer clicks through to the “Promotions” page, which contains previews of all the various promotions. Clicking on one of these previews the visitor is taken to your own Full Promotion Page.

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Advertising includes the following:

Ad-Campaign Builder

Build your own campaign! Decide on the areas of advertising, size and duration for campaign to run... Click the gears icon to get started.

Banner Stats Feedback

For all Banner-Ads and Promos we provide stats so you can track the success of your campaign... Click the icon to see the user dashboard.

Design Support

Don't want to buid your own ad-campaign? We can do it for you... Use the contact form below to get in touch.

Ad-Blocker Bypass

Banner ads placed on Just Plain Hunting will disply on all browsers regardless of ad-blocker plugins or extensions...

Advertising Space Queries

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