Dave Sheer Pretoria… The Shooter’s Oasis

Driving out to your favourite shooting range usually brings with it a swell of excitement and expectation. For most residing in the Pretoria region this is unfortunately coupled with a decent chunk of travel time and fuel expenses… until now. Tucked away, only minutes from the N1 highway, an absolute gem has emerged for the avid hunter, shooter and outdoorsman.

Dave Sheer, a Johannesburg based gun shop with a longstanding reputation in the shooting industry, has very recently opened new doors in the North of Pretoria. We took a closer look at what they have to offer; this facility is comprised of a gun shop as well as a series of underground shooting ranges:

The shop itself is slightly more focused on hunting than the JHB branch and is made up of the following sections: hunting rifles, precision rifles, tactical (AR), tactical (12 Gauge), the widest range of handguns in Pretoria, large calibre hunting revolvers, the largest range of knives and swords of any gun store in Pretoria, reloading, ammo and various other equipment. Each of these sections is accompanied by a full range of accessories. Demo guns are available in-store for testing on the range. The store also boasts a lounge containing a vast collection of revolvers, pistols, rifles and shotguns. Adjoining the lounge is a reloading centre where courses as well as personal reloading services are offered. All clothing and other associated gear will soon be moved to a new clothing store within the same building complex, as Dave Sheer continues to expand its floor area to accommodate an even greater product offering.

The shooting ranges consist of a 25m handgun/shotgun range, a 50m rifle/automatic rifle range, and a 100m rifle range. An application-based shooting room as well as a training centre will soon be in full swing. All the ranges are made-up of a comfortable seating area and individual shooter cubicles (where protective hearing and eyewear are provided, shooting rests are supplied in the case of the 100m range). The use of a unique downrange bullet-catchment system, as opposed to sandbags, combined with great ventilation replace the dusty, stale air usually associated with indoor ranges. Dave Sheer also offers fully mechanised target retrieval accompanied by target video feed for closer inspection of your shot placement. All this technology presented in a virtually wind-free environment should ensure the most perfect rifle-zero possible.

Moving through the facilities, one is met with the realisation that this is no average gun shop. The size, layout, product variety and all-round shopping experience mean you will possibly be spending hours here drooling away. No matter… the recent introduction of the Bond Café upstairs will buy you the time needed if you happen to be out with the wife.  

The Bond Café makes quite an impression with some incredible 007 memorabilia on display. Items range from movie-set collectables to albums, imagery and more. According to management the inspiration came from the owner, Gareth De Nysschen’s 20-year love affair with James Bond and a penchant for guns and action movies which culminated in the birth of this unique venue. The menu makes for equally impressive reading as focus is placed on a varied culinary selection. “Our diverse menu with offerings from breakfast to dinner really has something for everyone. With options including Quintessentially British, speciality steaks and a wine cellar which boasts over 500 bottles of wine, Bond Café offers a unique dining experience with personal attention and delicious, beautifully prepared meals”. Click Here to have a look at their menu.

This venue is a must for anyone remotely fond of the James Bond film series. It also seems like the ideal haven for starving hunters who have just emerged from hours of shopping and shooting downstairs…   

Check out the links below for more info:

Dave Sheer Pretoria - Logo

Web: http://www.davesheer.com

Tel: (+27) 10 300 1222

Bond Cafe Logo

Web: https://www.bondcafe.co.za

Tel: (+27) 10 300 1223



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